Left Green Study & Discussion Group

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These meetings are casual and open to all Green Party members and supporters, both long-time and new to the party. We'll read some important essays and excerpts from books that help define Green Socialist (or, Left Green) politics, from historical, philosophical, and even scientific perspectives.

Even if you were unable to complete the readings, we still invite you to the meeting to listen to the discussion and ask questions! It's a time for learning and fun with fellow Greens, please join us!

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Recent Readings

If you missed one of our meetings, you can find materials for the reading below, including a link to the reading and discussion notes.

February 2021 - Democratic Confederalism and Rojava

  • TBA

  • TBA

January 2021 - Direct Democracy and Libertarian Municipalism

  • "The Meaning of Confederalism" by Murray Bookchin

  • "Libertarian Municipalism" by Murray Bookchin

December 2020 - Alternatives to Capitalism

  • "Workers' Control, Community Control, and the Cooperative Commonwealth" by Howie Hawkins

  • "What is Social Ecology?" by Murray Bookchin