Mission and History

We are a grassroots activist organization and political party dedicated to our four pillars of participatory ("grassroots") democracy, social justice, ecology, and peace. We believe the current two party system in American politics is inadequate to truly represent the interests of the people at this important time in history when major issues are facing our region, state, and country. We face growing poverty and unending war and are on the brink of ecological disaster due to global climate change, and yet the two major parties almost never speak of these issues. In fact, the major two parties often cooperate on protecting corporations's profits and expanding wars.

The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPoAC) is is a member of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, which is in turn a state caucus member of the Green Party US. The Green Party was created as a federation of local and state parties, in keeping with our values of decentralization and grassroots democracy.

The Green Party US regularly meets with Green Parties from around the world as part of the Global Greens, a worldwide movement to cooperatively advance green values. Green Parties exist in most countries of the world, and in many countries have won significant elections and public support, with some countries even electing Green prime ministers recently. We're working to see the Green Party grow like that here in the US.

You can read more about the history of the Green Party in the United States on the GPUS website.