Delegates to the Green Party of Pennsylvania State Committee

Every February the Green Party of Allegheny County elects delegates to represent the local party at meetings of the Green Party of Pennsylvania's statewide assembly. Delegates help run statewide teams, and vote on a number of issues including endorsing candidates for office, setting a statewide budget and fundraising goals, and a long-term vision of how to build the Green movement in Pennsylvania and beyond. Delegates serve one year terms.

Delegates are expected to work closely with the Executive Committee to represent the views of all registered Greens in Allegheny County.

If there is a vacancy, interested members may request nomination by the executive committee to fill the open delegate position for the remainder of the term.

2024 GPPA State Committee Delegates

Regular Delegates (up to 12)

Regular delegates are expected to attend all statewide committee meetings, typically about 5 per year.

Alternate Delegates (up to 6)

If a regular delegate is unable to attend a statewide meeting, an alternate delegate may step in and conduct business on behalf of the party.

At-Large Delegates

For 2024, several active Greens in local unorganized counties were appointed as At-Large delegates to the GPPA State Committee. The following Greens caucus with the Green Party of Allegheny County:

GPPA Steering Committee

Green Party of Pennsylvania Steering Committee members convene the GPPA State Committee and set the agenda. The following GPPA Steering Committee members are members of GPoAC: