Executive Committee

The Green Party of Allegheny County elects an Executive Committee every February to carry out tasks and handle party business between General Assembly meetings. Our current officers are listed below. Feel free to Contact Us with questions, comments, or matters to bring up at our next business meeting.

If there is a vacancy, interested members may nominate themselves to fill the office for the remainder of the term at the next general assembly meeting.

2024 Executive Committee

Jay Ting Walker

By day, Jay Ting Walker (he/him) is a Community Organizer at a Pennsylvania environmental non-profit. By night, Jay is a proud member of the Green Party of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh DSA, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, and Bike Pittsburgh. Jay serves as chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania and as one of its delegates to the GPUS National Committee. He studied Biology and Economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was active in environmental activism. In his free time, Jay is passionate about ultimate frisbee, board games, Starcraft, and watching soccer. 

Zarah Livingston
(Penn Hills)

Zarah (she/they) has extensive experience in community organizing/networking, mutual aid, social media management via: BLAC, Pittsburgh Protests & No Cop Money PA. 

Zarah genuinely applies most of their life skills throughout the years to wherever they are, where they go, and what they do. She helps immensely in collaborating with folks on new ideas, and lets the continued work speak for itself. 

Kelly Kuzemchak
(Lower Burrell)

Kelly (she/her) has been volunteering with the Green Party of Allegheny County since 2018, having held several leadership roles at the local, state, and national level. Positions held:

Steven Martinez

Treasurer - treasurer@alleghenygreens.org 

Steven (he/him) is a long-time member of the Green Party of Allegheny County, a former/current state delegate to the Green Party of Pennsylvania, and the 2021 candidate for Dormont Borough Council. He also played an integral role of Connor Mulvaney's 2021 campaign for Pittsburgh City Council. Steven is excited to learn from past county/state treasurers and work with the Finance Committee to take advantage of opportunities for investing the party.

Matt Nemeth

Working Groups / Action Coordinator - workgroups@alleghenygreens.org

Matt (he/him) is a lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh area. He currently works as Communications Coordinator for Allegheny CleanWays, a litter and dumpsite cleanup organization. Matt has been active in Pittsburgh’s grassroots environmental and social justice movements since 2020. He served as the Communications Manager of Connor Mulvaney’s 2021 campaign for Pittsburgh City Council, Chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County in 2022, and was a lead organizer of the successful Protect Our Parks coalition banning fracking from Allegheny County Parks in 2022. Additionally, Matt has served multiple terms as an Allegheny delegate to the state’s Green Party Committee. Matt hopes to strengthen the Green Party’s connection to the Pittsburgh Palestine Coalition and the Protect Our Parks coalition campaign to plug the county’s abandoned oil and gas wells.

Riley Mahon
(Downtown and Upper St. Clair)

Neighborhoods Coordinator - neighborhoods@alleghenygreens.org 

Riley (he/him) has extensive experience with the Green Party despite his young age, serving as GPoAC Media Coordinator, delegate to the Green Party of PA, GPPA Steering Committee member, Green Party US alternate delegate, co-chair of Connor Mulvaney’s campaign for Pittburgh City Council, and even running for school board himself!

Riley is very passionate about growing the Green Party into a force for change in Allegheny County, and he is experienced in running campaigns, participating in actions, and acting as a liaison to other similar groups. He is fully committed to the cause of building the Green Party, ready for the responsibility, and Riley believes that the GPoAC is at a point now where we can set fairly ambitious goals for outreach, inreach, fundraising, and candidate slates in local elections.

Theron Gilliland, Jr.
(North Side/Allegheny Center)

Technology and New Media Coordinator - media@alleghenygreens.org

Theron (he/him) is a 44-year-old biomedical research scientist working in the Center for Vaccine Research at the University of Pittsburgh. As a radical social progressive, his activism currently focuses on racial justice, supporting police and prison abolition, opposing military interventions/economic neo-imperialism, and fighting for protections for the transgender community. Theron is involved with several groups is support of these values: Democratic Socialists of America, the Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance, and the Pittsburgh Anti-War Committee. Theron is also active in March On Harrisburg--organizing in support of statewide ranked choice voting and a ban on legislative gifts--in alignment with the Green Party's ideals of Grassroots Democracy. In addition to his career-oriented and political interests, Theron is a nontheist Quaker, and he enjoys biking, kayaking, camping, and hiking; reading about ancient Near East history; learning languages from around the world; and spending time with his boyfriend Rashod.