For people and planet over profits.

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The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPoAC) is a progressive political party that promotes grassroots democracy, social justice, ecology, and peace

Members of the Green Party can be found at fracking protests, rallies to save public transit, Healthcare for All meetings, pride marches, at the occupy movement – we’re all over the place working for progressive values.

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Read about our Platform to learn more about us and our values. Please join us by registering as a Green voter and consider running for office yourself!

We meet regularly to discuss events and strategy for future elections, we hope to see you at the next meeting!

More About The Green Party

We are a grassroots activist organization and political party dedicated to our four pillars of participatory ("grassroots") democracy, social justice, ecology, and peace. We believe the current two party system in American politics is inadequate to truly represent the interests of the people at this important time in history when major issues are facing our region, state, and country. We face growing poverty and unending war and are on the brink of ecological disaster due to global climate change, and yet the two major parties almost never speak of these issues. In fact, the major two parties often cooperate on protecting corporations's profits and expanding wars.

The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPoAC) is the local affiliate for Allegheny County (including Pittsburgh) of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, which is in turn the state chapter of the Green Party US. The Green Party US regularly meets with Green Parties from around the world as part of the Global Greens, a worldwide movement to cooperatively advance green values. Green Parties exist in most countries of the world, and in many countries have won significant elections and public support, with some countries even electing Green prime ministers recently. We're working to see the Green Party grow like that here in the US.

We invite you to join us to work for the greater good and change our political and economic system for the better.

Our candidates for office are required to sign a pledge that they will not take corporate or super PAC donations and will uphold the Green Party's 10 Key Values both during the campaign and when elected to office.

We do all of our party business publicly in the spirit of transparency and openness, key factors in grassroots democracy that we wish to bring to government when elected.