Policy and Platform Working Group

The Policy and Platform Working Group of the Green Party of Allegheny County is tasked with researching public policy for local and state action, including researching economic and environmental costs and benefits of particular policies to determine the best policy for advancing Green values. The policy developed can then be added to our party platform with a vote by our members, and used by local or state Green Party candidates and elected officials to develop legislation.

A Municipal Green New Deal

Above: GPOAC executive committee members discuss policy agenda at a meeting in early 2020.

A Comprehensive, Holistic Set of Green Policy Proposals for Municipal Candidates and Elected Officials

Greens are developing a version of the Green New Deal tailored to the southwest Pennsylvania region that municipal candidates may use for campaigns, and elected officials may use as a "template" for introducing local ordinances.

If you are interested in joining the effort, please Contact Us.

For more information on what a national Green Party Green New Deal looks like, please see:

The Green New Deal was originally developed by members of the Green Party of England and Wales in conjunction with UK economists and think tanks around 2007-2008. The plan was adapted and expanded for the Green Party of the US first by Howie Hawkins in 2009-2010 for his run for New York governor, then adopted by the Jill Stein presidential campaign in both 2012 and 2016. Greens will continue to lead the way on the Green New Deal by developing detailed municipal policy to support national goals.