The Green Party of Allegheny County works closely with many individual and organizational allies with various coalitions and working groups. From time to time we endorse events, actions, petitions and letters to officials, policy, and even whole organizations and coalitions. It is the expectation that any action, letter, or organization endorsed by the Green Party must be in line with our Ten Key Values and further the party platform.

We don't necessarily endorse every action or organization, even if they do support our Ten Key Values. We prioritize endorsing actions and organizations that we can contribute to in some tangible way -- with volunteers, financial support, or media, for example. Our limited resources means we must prioritize... but you can help by donating or volunteering!

2020 Endorsements

Petitions and Letters

GPOAC signs on to various petitions and coalition letters on behalf of our membership. We encourage members to sign on as individuals as well, if desired, and invite any other organizations they may be part of to also sign on.

  • Petition started by Pittsburghers for Public Transit : "On Thursday, May 14th, 82 organizations, unions, and elected officials across the state of Pennsylvania called on state legislators to ensure that the PA Turnpike fulfills its $450 million transit funding obligations until 2023, or until a sustainable, dedicated alternative funding source is secured."
  • Allegheny County Black Activists/Organizer Collective demands, specifically:
    1. Defund the police, fund Black communities
    2. Demilitarize the police
    3. End the criminalization of Black people
    4. Remove all police from schools
    5. Make all collective bargaining with police public
    6. Terminate Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police President Robert Swartzwelder (a city police officer)
    7. Disband all private police departments
    8. End “no knock” warrants
    9. Cease partnership with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
    10. End cash bail
    11. Release of all vulnerable individuals from jail
    12. Create an independent, fully funded civilian review board

Candidates for Office

GPOAC typically endorses only candidates seeking to run on the Green Party ballot line, but will consider independent candidates outside of the two-party duopoly in special circumstances if they align with our values.